WIZ Travel System

A modern Back Office System for travel agents

This is a system which will suit travel agents with one, or multiple agencies, as well as agents who employ homeworkers. It is a scalable system which works through your browser, whether you are working on a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or even Smartphone. It has been designed by a company with over 20 years experience in developing systems for the travel industry. We understand the complexities of the travel industry and enable you to efficiently enter your customer information, your bookings, receipt money from your customers, and record payments to suppliers. The system can produce a range of standard, and custom letters for you to send to customers, and suppliers in PDF format, ideal for printing, or emailing. It also produces receipts and ATOL Certificates, whether you are a principal, or and agent issuing for and on behalf of an ATOL supplier enabling you to stay within the law. It has an enquiry system to store your enquiries for easy retrieval when required.

It has reporting facilities enabling you to generate numerous reports for business booked, monies received, and monies paid to suppliers, so whether your doing your daily banking, looking at future cash flow, completing your quarterly VAT return, ABTA return, ATOL return,

or looking at your debtors/creditors for the end of year, there is sure to be something there for you. These reports can be branch specific, or generated for the whole company.

Marketing is important. The system gives you the ability to send marketing information by producing labels, information on a spreadsheet for a mail merge, or by producing email addresses for you to populate your mail client.

Different levels of access can be set, these can be defined so different members of staff can have access to the areas of the system they need, but not the areas you want to keep private. You can define your own analysis/ledger headings for receipts and payments. You can also define your holiday types to help target your mail shots more efficiently, and you can define your source types so you can see where your business is coming from. Our current customer range includes agents from ABTA, TTA, and ATOL holders.

If you would like to look at our demo system please contact the office for login information.